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NKU VPN Install Guide for iPad

This guide is for Installing the Cisco AnyConnect App from the App Store and configuring it for use with NKU's VPN.

Click this Link to taken directly to it on the appstore or search the AppStore for "Cisco anyconnect" till you find it.

Here is what the app should look like, go ahead and Install it.

Installing the app will require you to login with your Apple ID. Note: It's a free app.

Wait till the Cisco AnyConnect app is done installing and then launch it by clicking it.

The first time you launch the Cisco AnyConnect Client app, it will need to be enabled to extend the VPN capabilities of your device and then configured for NKU's VPN. Click OK

Click on "Add VPN Connection" on the Left hand side.

Enter a Description; somthing like "NKU VPN".
Then for the server address enter vpn.nku.edu
Click the blue save button at the top right.

Now you should see the name you entered as the description under "Choose a Connection..." with a check mark next to it.
To connect, slide the ON/OFF switch next to AnyConnect VPN at the top left.

It may take several seconds for the software to connect with the spinning wheel in place of the ON/OFF switch.

The VPN AnyConnect will prompt you for your NKU Username and password.
The username will be that procceding the @ sign in your NKU email address.
The password will the the same you use to login to your email.
Then click Connect.

you are now connected to the NKU VPN and can access internal network resources.

Created: 2012-01-23 by Chris Towles