KAS 2010

Congratulations to all those that presented their research findings at the 96th Annual Kentucky Academy of Sciences meetings that took place this past weekend at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. Students and faculty gave both oral and poster presentations of their investigations and all should be commended for a fine performance. Several students won awards for their presentations in the research competition. Well done!

Cellular & Molecular session:
Osniel Gonzalez Ramos – 3rd place

Ecology & Environmental Science session:
Stephanie Hayes – 1st place
Dr. Durtsche

Health Sciences session:
Julie Cardosi – 2nd place
Dr. Mester

Microbiology session:
Marcelo Kraemer – 2nd place (graduate competition)
Elizabeth Shelley – 3rd place
Dr. Michael Barton
Dr. Hazel Barton

Microbiology poster session:
Virginia Shelley – 1st place
Dr. Michael Barton
Dr. Hazel Barton
Dr. Mester

Regionals 2010

Our scrapbook won first place at Regionals!

KAS 2009

We would like to congartulate all of the BBB members that participated in the KAS. We had several awards won by our members:

Elizabeth Shelley- 1st place Microbiology

Laura Rihm- 1st place Science Education

Osniel Gonzalez- 2nd place Cellular and Molecular Biology

Sarah Hamilton- 2nd place Science Education

Stephanie Hayes- 3rd place Physiology/ Biochemistry

Tanner Yess- Ecology and Environmental Science

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